Compassion Yoga

Compassion Yoga, a Thai Yoga studio, is a project I was hired to do by a former co-worker who needed a quick, simple and beautiful solution for his client’s needs.  As the client suggested, the design had to be as simple and clean as possible. Straight to the point but astonishing. Captivating while evoking a feeling of peace and quiet, after all that’s one of the aspects we think of when yoga comes to our minds. I suggested designing a simple logo while creating the wireframes for the project since one was going to be needed.  Considering the budget was limitted, I decided to go with only typography and color to capture the right mood for the company's image.
For the completion of this project I used Adobe Photoshop for the mockups. Adobe Illustrator for the wireframes and logo, and Adobe Fireworks for the rapid prototypes.