The New York Botanical Garden: Adult Education

While working at the botanical garden last summer as a freelance web designer, I was given a few projects and micro-sites to work on. As the entire site was being revamped, the adult education section needed a makeover and I was assigned to work on it.
The New York Botanical Garden's Adult Education program offers hundreds of daytime and evening classes to educate, inspire and guide their students. With ten different disciplines to choose from, students are likely to find suitable classes for them.

NYBG Micro-Site: Edible Academy

For nearly one hundred years, the garden has been a leader in garden based education for teachers and school kids from the Bronx and throughout the New York Metropolitan region. The demand for the edible gardening's programs has never been greater. In order to meet this demand, the Botanical Garden launched The Edible Academy, which will expand opportunities so more kids, parents and instructors can learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

NYBG Micro-Site: Arts In The Garden

Throughout the year The New York Botanical Garden is home to many exhibitions and a wide number of events. Most of them get archived within the main site and there isn't any link to them after the exhibition is over, unless performing a query for the specific event. While working at the Botanical Garden, I was asked to design a few templates for a micro-site to showcase such events. As always keeping in mind the already existing brand of The New York Botanical Garden and bound by their headers and footers.
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used to complete this task.

General Wire-Frames & Templates