The After Exchange

The After Exchange is a high end venue; where wall street's stock brokers gather to play, drink, dine and have fun after a long stressful day of trading, without having to leave the district. They target mainly young successful stock brokers, professionals and executives that work or reside within the vicinity.
Starting from the ground up, as the designer I was responsible for their brand identity, signage to be used throughout the venue, and marketing materials (web banners, subway ads, newsstand booth ads, magazine ads, amongst others).   The website was built in Flash and Actionscript, at the time it seemed appropriate and served its purpose.   Illustrator was used to create the logos, illustrations, wire-frames and mock-ups. Photoshop was used to create the slides and edit stock photographs acquired for the project.   InDesign was used to layout marketing materials, signage and stationary.
This site can be viewed live at